Unfounded Disgrace!

‘Bungling’, ‘boozing’, ‘sardine-munching’, ‘disgraced’, ‘sacked’ cop. These are just a few of the unfounded vicious terms, that have been used by British media and the general public, that support Gerry and Kate McCann to describe Dr. Goncalo Amaral, but what is the truth of these lies?


Strange Behaviours!

I have seen many comments stipulating that there is no evidence that Madeleine McCann is dead. After 10 years, reportedly ‘missing’, and Madeleine being well below the age, statistically speaking, of children being kidnapped and held hostage in basements for years, I think it's safe to say, in my opinion, that the poor girl is unfortunately dead. To that end, this should unequivocally be investigated. Is there evidence that the McCanns were already privy to this in formation back in 2007, when this sorry story broke? Let's look at the early hours of May 4th and the phone calls received by the McCann's friends and family. Some from Kate some Gerry...